Friday, July 2, 2010

Miss me yet?

I just looked up my analytics and saw that I had major hits yesterday!  Do you  all miss me that much?  Then again, I am one of the few Americans that knows what happens on the season finale of Doctor Who (actual numbers may vary).  Though I suppose my time machine technology isn't too rare.

But that's what your here for, right?  Not too spoiler-ific clues about the upcoming episodes?  Let's see, they just aired the episode about the upstairs floor, right?  That was a painful episode, just to watch the two of them being so awkward around each other.  I'm quite a direct person myself.  I call it honest.  Others call it blunt.  In fact, one of my favorite moments during my wedding was after I said something a bit rude about another person, and my maid of honor turned to me and said, "No, tell us how you REALLY feel."

Anyway, so there's only TWO episodes left. And no one's so daft as to not realize it's going to be a cliff hanger, right?  So they find the Pandorica.  What's in it?  What's it there for? And Amy....what's up with her?  We all have caught that there's something unique--even the Doctor began to say that there was a reason he picked her up; but then someone so rudely interrupted before we could learn more.  So many questions, not enough answers.

Did everyone like the Vincent Van Gofffffffff episode?  My brother in law didn't like it, but it did present one of the funniest moments in this season, to me at least.  I loved it when they were waiting at the church, and after all day past, Doctor made some snide remark--I can't find the quote so I'll just guess: "So this is how time normally goes.  In order. One right after the other.  How utterly boring."  (If someone sends me the quote I'll update it).

And in the final episode, you'll need to keep your time travelling timelines straight.  It's quite difficult.  And they totally cheat.  But then again, what's the point of being a Time Lord if you don't cheat here and there?

I'm looking forward to next season.  According to Wikipedia, Matt Smith and Karen Gillian stay on. Also, Neil Gaiman has written one of the episodes.  I'm sure I'll have to leave the nightlight on afterwards.

By the way, when I have all the pictures, I'll upload them from the steampunk wedding.  Here's a teaser for now.  You can kind of see my wings (alas, not steam powered, but still moves.)


  1. Well did you see what or who was in the Pandorica? Dont you just lurve plastic Rory, -what a guy!!! Cant wait for the Christmas Special.
    btw - we DO NOT say 'making me on' that really is pure drivel - we say, like you 'turning me on' ! tush tush where do you get this pretend Brit slang

  2. The Pandorica was a nice surprise, and Rory's story was heart wrenching. I think we have about 165 days until the Christmas episode. Not like I'm counting or anything.

    I heard the "making me on" when I was watching Ashes to Ashes (I had to give up because I couldn't keep up with the language). One of the guys said to Veronica: "With that leather jacket and you holding that's making me on."


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