Monday, July 26, 2010

The Game is Afoot: Doctor Who Writer Gives Us Sherlock Holmes

'ello Children!  How's everyone feeling today?  Us poor Americans finally got to see the season finale of Doctor Who this last weekend.  No, not me, heavens no.  I have a tellyvision box, remember?  I have no idea why BBC America aired it a month behind.  Or why they cut Top Gear.  But I digress....

Steven Moffat, one of the Doctor Who writers, just premiered the new series Sherlock Holmes.  It. Was. FABULOUS!  It's set in present time London, Sherlock lives at 221B Baker St, and his "arch nemesis" has already made an appearance, as it were.  Sherlock  definitely reminds me of the Doctor, but it's not the same character. (Socially awkward man that can read between the lines and therefore seems insane to any normal person? Check.)  Watson reminds me of Hugh Laurie's House, but that just because he has a cane and a general disdain for others. You can't trademark that, can you?

I also like the way they share some information with the viewers.  It's strange to describe; for example, the local police are releasing a press statement about some "strange occurrences," to be spoiler free.   The police say that the cases are "unrelated," and suddenly every press agent in the room gets a text message that says "Wrong!" When they look at their phones, a little white text pops up that "shows" you what it says.  This continues throughout the episode, and I imagine throughout the series.  Later, Sherlock is investigated "something" (trying to be spoiler free!) and when he notices something -- "wet," "dry," "clean," "dirty"--the same little white text pops up.  I like it.  It shares his inner clockwork without spoiling it with forced monologues or conversation that "leads in" to a point. (I can tell when they're setting up a joke or punch line; it's annoying to me.) 

It's very witty, and I love the back and forth between the characters.  The episode itself, not including commercials or interruptions,  is almost an hour and a half.  The show is brilliant, cunning, and takes the edge off the Doctor Who withdrawals. 

Because what I really needed was another addiction. 

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