Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emo Party

"I'm not MC Chris he's DEAD!"
"We will put all our records on
and dance and dance and dance
until we don't feel sad."
--Emo Party, MC Chris

I officially have the blahs and MC Chris' Emo Party is stuck in my head.  I can't feel sorry for myself for more than a minute until that song starts playing in my head.  (At least I have good "elevator music.")   There's several reasons why, most of which I think most of you can relate to.

1) I hate my day job.  (Who doesn't, right?)  I'm a wired in Gen Y, with a facebook, twitter, and of course this blog.  They can't even manage their work emails (you sort it by who sent it? WTF is wrong with you?!!!) I won't go into more detail, it's too depressing.

2) The weather in the Pacific NW is strange, even to us.  We've had maybe five days that were over 80.  In the month of June, the average rainfall is 1" and it rained 3.5".  Luckily the weather held out for my wedding, but I was about to have a super temper tantrum. We'd all really like to have summer this year.

3) I have too many games to play.  Sounds like a dumb thing to be upset about, but when I had a week off  for the honeymoon, we had no games to play.  Now that I'm back to work, I have what seems like 50.  Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Quest, DeathSpank; plus Limbo sounds awesome.  And we've started making little charms out of clay and I want to keep experimenting with them. If we get good at it, we'll actually sell them on our etsy account.

4)I'd rather be at ComicCon.  All my feeds are people talking about how great it's going to be.  Also, it pisses me off when dumb bitches like Olivia Munn get paid to do stuff that I am SOOOO more qualified to do.  Hello, I know who the $#@% MC Chris and Boba Fett are.  Let ME show cleavage and talk about video games.  Will Cosplay for Work!

Does anyone else have the unending blahs?  Just want to bitch to someone?  Leave me a comment below.  It's only fair that you get to whine to me.


  1. Thanks Joystiq, for ruining my journalistic integrity by randomly choosing me outta 500+ entrants for a free code for Limbo. Though I'm sure I'll go back to smearing my mascara after I've killed the little guy a few bazillion times.

  2. Dude Limbo is awesome.

    BTW are you friends with MC Chris on Facebook? He dropped a hilarious (and FREE) new single on there the other day, "I heart drugs".


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