Monday, July 26, 2010

The Game is Afoot: Doctor Who Writer Gives Us Sherlock Holmes

'ello Children!  How's everyone feeling today?  Us poor Americans finally got to see the season finale of Doctor Who this last weekend.  No, not me, heavens no.  I have a tellyvision box, remember?  I have no idea why BBC America aired it a month behind.  Or why they cut Top Gear.  But I digress....

Steven Moffat, one of the Doctor Who writers, just premiered the new series Sherlock Holmes.  It. Was. FABULOUS!  It's set in present time London, Sherlock lives at 221B Baker St, and his "arch nemesis" has already made an appearance, as it were.  Sherlock  definitely reminds me of the Doctor, but it's not the same character. (Socially awkward man that can read between the lines and therefore seems insane to any normal person? Check.)  Watson reminds me of Hugh Laurie's House, but that just because he has a cane and a general disdain for others. You can't trademark that, can you?

I also like the way they share some information with the viewers.  It's strange to describe; for example, the local police are releasing a press statement about some "strange occurrences," to be spoiler free.   The police say that the cases are "unrelated," and suddenly every press agent in the room gets a text message that says "Wrong!" When they look at their phones, a little white text pops up that "shows" you what it says.  This continues throughout the episode, and I imagine throughout the series.  Later, Sherlock is investigated "something" (trying to be spoiler free!) and when he notices something -- "wet," "dry," "clean," "dirty"--the same little white text pops up.  I like it.  It shares his inner clockwork without spoiling it with forced monologues or conversation that "leads in" to a point. (I can tell when they're setting up a joke or punch line; it's annoying to me.) 

It's very witty, and I love the back and forth between the characters.  The episode itself, not including commercials or interruptions,  is almost an hour and a half.  The show is brilliant, cunning, and takes the edge off the Doctor Who withdrawals. 

Because what I really needed was another addiction. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emo Party

"I'm not MC Chris he's DEAD!"
"We will put all our records on
and dance and dance and dance
until we don't feel sad."
--Emo Party, MC Chris

I officially have the blahs and MC Chris' Emo Party is stuck in my head.  I can't feel sorry for myself for more than a minute until that song starts playing in my head.  (At least I have good "elevator music.")   There's several reasons why, most of which I think most of you can relate to.

1) I hate my day job.  (Who doesn't, right?)  I'm a wired in Gen Y, with a facebook, twitter, and of course this blog.  They can't even manage their work emails (you sort it by who sent it? WTF is wrong with you?!!!) I won't go into more detail, it's too depressing.

2) The weather in the Pacific NW is strange, even to us.  We've had maybe five days that were over 80.  In the month of June, the average rainfall is 1" and it rained 3.5".  Luckily the weather held out for my wedding, but I was about to have a super temper tantrum. We'd all really like to have summer this year.

3) I have too many games to play.  Sounds like a dumb thing to be upset about, but when I had a week off  for the honeymoon, we had no games to play.  Now that I'm back to work, I have what seems like 50.  Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Quest, DeathSpank; plus Limbo sounds awesome.  And we've started making little charms out of clay and I want to keep experimenting with them. If we get good at it, we'll actually sell them on our etsy account.

4)I'd rather be at ComicCon.  All my feeds are people talking about how great it's going to be.  Also, it pisses me off when dumb bitches like Olivia Munn get paid to do stuff that I am SOOOO more qualified to do.  Hello, I know who the $#@% MC Chris and Boba Fett are.  Let ME show cleavage and talk about video games.  Will Cosplay for Work!

Does anyone else have the unending blahs?  Just want to bitch to someone?  Leave me a comment below.  It's only fair that you get to whine to me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding 6/26/2010

As I promised!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from my wedding.  The weather turned out beautiful (the weekend before it rained and the weekend after it was 95 degrees!).  I owe so much to my maid of honor and the best man; none of this would have happened without their help.  Be sure to leave comments!

(And for you Doctor Who fans, the wedding TOTALLY helped stop the end of the world/time.  My theory is that we LIVED that day.  Where were you the week before? The week after? A few months?  You don't really remember.  But that day, the day that was supposed to end the world, we knew exactly where we were.  Every minute was counted. It was more real than any normal week--hell, even a month--of daytime jobs. And all that power, all that energy, helped stave off the end of time. Just sayin'.)
This beautiful lady is my maid of honor.  She's the one that made me look good!

Cake, bouquet, and some of our mad scientist devices
Why yes, those are steampunk sonic screwdrivers

I was so happy with our party's outfits!
The kiss.  Hubby made me wings that moved (but not steam powered)

Partners in crime

 It was my wedding so I get to do what I want and I wanted a bouncy castle!

Om nom nom. 

This was my grandfather's pocket watch.
Those are the vows I'm holding.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Miss me yet?

I just looked up my analytics and saw that I had major hits yesterday!  Do you  all miss me that much?  Then again, I am one of the few Americans that knows what happens on the season finale of Doctor Who (actual numbers may vary).  Though I suppose my time machine technology isn't too rare.

But that's what your here for, right?  Not too spoiler-ific clues about the upcoming episodes?  Let's see, they just aired the episode about the upstairs floor, right?  That was a painful episode, just to watch the two of them being so awkward around each other.  I'm quite a direct person myself.  I call it honest.  Others call it blunt.  In fact, one of my favorite moments during my wedding was after I said something a bit rude about another person, and my maid of honor turned to me and said, "No, tell us how you REALLY feel."

Anyway, so there's only TWO episodes left. And no one's so daft as to not realize it's going to be a cliff hanger, right?  So they find the Pandorica.  What's in it?  What's it there for? And Amy....what's up with her?  We all have caught that there's something unique--even the Doctor began to say that there was a reason he picked her up; but then someone so rudely interrupted before we could learn more.  So many questions, not enough answers.

Did everyone like the Vincent Van Gofffffffff episode?  My brother in law didn't like it, but it did present one of the funniest moments in this season, to me at least.  I loved it when they were waiting at the church, and after all day past, Doctor made some snide remark--I can't find the quote so I'll just guess: "So this is how time normally goes.  In order. One right after the other.  How utterly boring."  (If someone sends me the quote I'll update it).

And in the final episode, you'll need to keep your time travelling timelines straight.  It's quite difficult.  And they totally cheat.  But then again, what's the point of being a Time Lord if you don't cheat here and there?

I'm looking forward to next season.  According to Wikipedia, Matt Smith and Karen Gillian stay on. Also, Neil Gaiman has written one of the episodes.  I'm sure I'll have to leave the nightlight on afterwards.

By the way, when I have all the pictures, I'll upload them from the steampunk wedding.  Here's a teaser for now.  You can kind of see my wings (alas, not steam powered, but still moves.)

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