Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding 6/26/2010

As I promised!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from my wedding.  The weather turned out beautiful (the weekend before it rained and the weekend after it was 95 degrees!).  I owe so much to my maid of honor and the best man; none of this would have happened without their help.  Be sure to leave comments!

(And for you Doctor Who fans, the wedding TOTALLY helped stop the end of the world/time.  My theory is that we LIVED that day.  Where were you the week before? The week after? A few months?  You don't really remember.  But that day, the day that was supposed to end the world, we knew exactly where we were.  Every minute was counted. It was more real than any normal week--hell, even a month--of daytime jobs. And all that power, all that energy, helped stave off the end of time. Just sayin'.)
This beautiful lady is my maid of honor.  She's the one that made me look good!

Cake, bouquet, and some of our mad scientist devices
Why yes, those are steampunk sonic screwdrivers

I was so happy with our party's outfits!
The kiss.  Hubby made me wings that moved (but not steam powered)

Partners in crime

 It was my wedding so I get to do what I want and I wanted a bouncy castle!

Om nom nom. 

This was my grandfather's pocket watch.
Those are the vows I'm holding.


  1. OMG beautiful wedding! Tears in my eyes!

  2. SO amazing. Your wedding is inspiring, if I ever get married I want a wedding like that, just saying.

  3. Hi, so I don't know if you'll get this,or if your blog is still going on..I was googling a whole bunch of things about steampunk weddings. Although our wedding is not for a couple of years due to me being in college yet, I was wondering if you had some suggestions about where I should look for things (dresses, favors, etc.) I've been looking like crazy, but I haven't found a steampunk-esc dress or anything really that seems quality or what we're seeking and you're wedding just seemed amazing! Very beautiful.

  4. We did a lot of the stuff ourselves. The costumes were pieces picked together from our wardrobes and thrift stores. I used to have someone make me the dress and shirt, same with the groom's attire. We also got party favors and small stuff like that through Oriental Trading Company, which is a bulk distributor of party goods. I think everything else was made by us.


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