Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pandorica - Leaked Dr Who Clues?


So was the message from TwistedSanto on twitter.  S/he picked up my twitter after the first Angel episode.  The account looks like a viral marketing started for this season of Doctor Who.

What is Pandorica? It sounds like it's the other side of Amy's spooky crack in the wall.  And I suppose all hell will break lose when we go thee. What's that? You don't think we'll see the other side?  How else is the Doctor going to save the universe again?

So if my calculations are correct, the episode should be airing either rigt now or in the next hour.  I'm out of town for the day,and the TARDIS tely doesn't travel spatially.

No spoilers, but if someone wants to confirm or deny my meanderings, leave me a comment.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

James May Day, the Invention of Lying, & Doctor Who

I decided, some time last year, that I was going to celebrate James May Day.  I completely convinced myself that on May 1st, we would honour James May's contributions to the world.  I had complete intentions of having my friends over for tea, smoking old fashioned tobacco pipes and cigars, and generally talking out our ass about queen and country.

Next year will be better, I promise.  My wedding is June 26th this year (more on that later) and I had wedding plans this weekend. There has to be a first time for everything, right? So for the First Annual James May Day, we tasted cakes, smoked some "English Walnut" tobacco (the best idea we had for what James' would smoke) and watched the Invention of Lying. All and all, it was a good day.

The Invention of Lying wasn't what I thought it was going to be.  Not only could people not tell a lie, they could only say the literal truth.  In the first scene, Ricky Gervais' character is told by his date that she was masturbating upstairs before he showed up, and that upon seeing him, she expressed her doubt and disappointment.  So we're talking about that kind of "truth."

The problem I had was that I didn't know where he was going with the plot line. At the end, I was satisfied with the story, but I kind of felt lost about what the movie was trying to say about the ability to tell a lie. It was a good movie, I just can't say that it was great.

Finally, the second half of the Angels from Doctor Who!  Sorry to all those who didn't get to hear his speech last time.  That was awful.  They do that shit over here too -- adverts have gotten so bad, we're lucky that a half an hour program has more than 20 minutes of air time. 

I digress. (Some extra cock-baggery left over from James May Day.) The episode played out as much as we all would guess. Maybe I just like seeing the Doctor get INTO trouble, more than him getting out of it.  The plot does thicken, so we say, and we're left with another mystery for another day.

This doesn't ruin the plot of the story, but I must tell you this.  Remember Amy Pond's wedding that she's running from? And remember when I promised earlier that I was going to mention more about my wedding?  Amy Ponds wedding is the same day as my own.  BOOOOWEEEEEOOOOOO!!!!!
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