Tuesday, June 8, 2010

On Hiatus Until July

Okay, so really I've been on hiatus for awhile already.  Forgive me for that.  I've been really busy recently; when I started this blog, I worked a different position in the same company which left me with a "little" extra time (read: all the damn time).  Since then my company has seen my vast potential and has increased my workload to match.  I'm still trying to decide if that was smart or dumb (I got a raise, so I lean towards smart).

Also, more importantly, I'm getting married on June 26 this year. The same as Amy Pond's in Doctor Who, by pure coincidence (but are there ever REALLY coincidences when it comes to the Doctor?!!)

So unless the Doctor blows up this space/time continuum, I'll be very busy in the next few weeks.  Check back after the 26th, when I'll be posting wedding pictures.  And it's not a normal wedding (heavens no!) but a Steampunk theme.  Here are a few teasers of our projects for the wedding.

I forget if we gave this one a name

Atomic Ray Obliviator, Goggles, & a steampunk Sonic Screwdriver

Here are a couple of our death rays we've made.

Prototype for my wings, front view. 

This was a nerf gun, until the mad scientist that's about to be my husband got a hold of it. He also modded it so it shoots faster.  I have a sawed off nerf shot gun too that's yet to be painted.

 I'm going to have metal, steampunk wings that open and close.  That in itself should show you that this wedding is going to be just a little different.

Prototype wings, back view

This is our cake stand.  It's made out of plumbing pipes and painted to match the theme.  The arms are adjustable.
This picture makes a great desktop background.

This is the top of our project drawer in our house.  Mad Scientist made the light box too; there's a dimmer switch on the bottom of the box.  You can see it if you squint reeeeal hard.  I actually prefer this to our  normal lamps.  Also in the picture are two sonic screwdrivers and containers with special mad scientist liquid.

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  1. good luck with the wedding - it looks like its going to be fab!(poor Amy-or should that be poor Rory, it was not to be!)


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