Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shameless Plugging

Okay, so maybe its not British, and it certainly isn't telley, but I wanted to direct everyone's attention to Girl Genius,which you should see the advert to your left, or the bottom of the page. It's a webcomic/graphic novel/comic book by Kaja and Phil Foglio. Very steampunk, and the location is their made up version of Europe, and England exists, so that's good enough to make it British, right?

Agatha Heterodyne is the main character, who thought she was no-good at building machines, but turns out she's actually the lost heir to the near-mythical royal family. I'm not giving much away -- it's obvious from the start that Agatha is "more than she seems." What I love about Agatha is that she doesn't seem too stuck on herself -- instead of wallowing in a pool of self pity or despair, Agatha bravely marches forward, accepts who she is and what she is, and gets to the things that matter: building death rays. It's the must have accessory of the year!

You should visit at I'll also post a link on the left.

Girl Genius just won three awards from the WCCA, Web Cartoonist Choice Awards, for Outstanding Comic, Outstanding Writers, and Outstanding Environmental Design. Something gives the hint that they are, what's the word? Oh yes, OUTSTANDING or sumfing.

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