Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Emergency Services Day!

Today, being 09/09/09, is Emergency Services Day in the UK.  Their emergency hotline number is 999, instead of 911 for us Yankees.  Other than the Queen thanking the coastguard, and fellow blogger at with some interesting cakes, there's really nothing special.  But check out those cakes!

I recently started watching Torchwood, finally.  It's a spin-off of Doctor Who, so I was afraid it was going to be awful.  But other than having a few insights to one liners ("That hand is worthless to anyone but me!") Torchwood is definitely it's own show; instead of the cheery, "save the day" feeling you get from Doctor Who, its a much darker, more realistic show.  Realistic in the sense that feelings get hurt, situations don't go as planned, people die (oh yes, do people die).  There's still a lot of wibbly wobbly spacey wacey type stuff (including a secret underground compound), but so far it has been nowhere near as fantastical as Doctor Who.  And the sex!  My goodness!  Sure, it's not real sex, but as an American (and a liberal one, in my opinion) I was quite surprised to see simulated (stimulated?) sex, repeatedly, in almost every episode.  Not that I mind, I'm an adult, but someone could have told me! (Maybe I would have tuned in sooner!)

I have failed to mention the Mighty Boosh, which can actually been seen on American television through Cartoon Network (check local listings blah blah blah).  It's a comedy show, about ...uhhh....there's these guys, and they uh, and one of them is a magician? A fortuneteller?  Okay, seriously, I have no idea what the show is about. Even trying to read the Wikipedia page to pretend I know something did me no good.  My friend showed it to me one night, at 2 in the morning, after drinking since 7 that night.  Since then, he's talked non-stop about how great it is.  I swear I'll watch it, promise! If you're going to watch it, I suggest getting the DVD; Cartoon Network edits it so it'll fit in the time slot.  Stupid American commercials.

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