Monday, September 21, 2009

Pirate's Life for Me!

So this *barely* qualifies as a "British," but I wanted to announce that Portland's Pirate Festival earned the Guinness Book of World Record of "Largest Gathering of Pirates."  YARR!!!  I believe the title was held by the Germans (think of James May anytime you refer to "Germans") in one of their theme parks.

I was on the scene, first hand, to make sure we beat them! In the end, we had more than 1,600 people qualify, and that wasn't even everyone!  It was quite a pain; it took FOREVER to get through the gate, sign your name, and then wait until EVERYONE was counted.  Thankfully, about halfway through, Captain Bogg and Salty performed on stage, and helped keep everyone entertained.

Here's me and my husband-to-be at festival.  I hope to get more pictures later, I just have to wait for the mum-in-law to upload the 5,000 pictures she takes everyday.  (I must say though, with all the shenanigans we get up to, it takes about that many.)

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