Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ramsay's Cook-A-Long & Californication

Sounded like a dream come true for me.  I waffled between having my husband make fun of me, or having the chance to "cook along" with Gordon Ramsay. Then I realized they were airing it starting at 9 pm.  Are you people crazy?! I'd be starved by then!

I've always wished that Ramsay would have a new reality show, teaching people who "don't know anything" to cook.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized, I wouldn't be in the show either because it would be British based, and there would be many more people deserving (and I don't have a passport); or, if it was American, it would be full of the crazy Californian people that have reality tv down to an art.  And as a note, whenever you look at American telly and go, "what the hell happened to them?" The answer is California.  California happened.

Okay, I'm a little mean when it comes to California.  First of all, I'm from Oregon, and there's a rivalry between the two states.  Californians have a bad reputation (sometimes true, sometimes not) of coming to Oregon to "get away from it all" and then change the area to be everything they left behind.  And they drive house prices up.  It's complicated.

Back to the point, I really hate California when it comes to tv.  Everyone on TV here all look perfect: makeup is spotless (and sometimes in areas you didn't know needed makeup), all clothes have been fitted to that individual (and then you never see it again on the show) and all the women are, quite literally, close to a size 2.  A size 2 over here means having a waist of 20-24 inches.  Like when I was 12.  And all the women look the same.  It's like there's this formula, skinny +  blonde + straight hair + size 2 + big fake boobs= California.  It drives me crazy.  British telly has such a wide variety of women, they don't look the same to me.  They're all different sizes, shapes and dispositions.

I'll get off my high horse now.  Unless it's Binky.  I asked the Hogsfather for a My Little Binky set for Hogswatch.   For those of you who follow me on Twitter (you poor sods you), you know I recently watched Terry Pratchett's Hogswatch this weekend and I promised to blog about it.  I lied.

Tune in next time!

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