Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor Who Knew?

I've found enough tidbits about the Doctor that I felt like sharing with everyone.  With the new season underway and my continuous rubbing the noses of my American friends, a lot of interesting stuff about the Doctor is floating around the interwebs.

First, I came across a poll from my favorite time wasting website.  (Don't judge me.)  Here's a screen shot of the poll's standing.  Don't get me wrong; Matt Smith is not only looking good as the Doctor, I get the feeling that Matt Smith is going to be a GREAT Doctor.  It's just that you never forget your first Doctor!

On fire? Are you sure?
Next, I nabbed this from your own BBC Doctor Who page: Doctor Who video game!  Yaaaa!  Even better news?  FOR FREE!  Whoooooooooo!! No console wars, no marketing extravaganza.

 Being a gamer myself, I am  a little wary based on the looks and description.  They call it an adventure game, which is always a crap shoot.  Is it going to be a wildly fun ride on the TARDIS? Or is it going to be point and click frustration trying to find out what whatsit is supposed to go to who's whosit.

Hmmm, I wonder who might be in it.

Adventure games can be very frustrating; I remember one "adventure" game where I was stuck for hours because there was a tiny crack in the floor that was hardly visible.  But I haven't been disappointed by the Doctor Who franchise, and it's free, so I'll give it some leeway.  Hell, I'll give it a lot of leeway, because I'm just that nice.


I also spotted this fine TARDIS today. 

No home is complete without the TARDIS cookie jar! This geeky website is trouble enough on my wallet, even when it's not Doctor Who related.  I REALLY hope it's bigger on the inside.  Though I'm quite convinced that it's an elaborate plan for the Doctor to steal all our cookies. Then again, if that were true, I imagine a closet in the TARDIS filled with stale pastries and fruit cakes from Christmas. A thousand Christmases.  Shudder.

The exDoctor Tennant has his Hamlet show coming up on April 28th.

Why yes, I did take this picture straight from his page.  How can you tell?
  If I understand his website correctly, it's being aired in the States by PBS, a public broadcasting station.  They mention that it's "available on DVD in the UK" which I think is a polite way of saying tough luck.

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