Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If it's on BBC, I consider it British

Okay, so I'm a little loose in my definition of "British" things to post about.  I'm very good at convincing myself whatever I want.  It's a very, very dangerous skill for me to have. 

My friend posted on Facebook an article from BBC America about the Art of List Making. I've included  a picture I procured from the article.

I love this article for several reasons.  First, I'm a huge list maker.  They quote that "... (it's) not what we actually accomplish, but what we think we accomplish."  Sometimes, that's true for me.  But there's something very real when you make a list.  It takes things/ideas/wants/desires and somehow makes them physical. Plus, I'm weird.  I can (and frequently do) make outlines using the format I learned in school, i.e. I, then A, then 1, then a and so on. And second being that these are lists from interesting people, like Picasso.  You know that has to be special! Third, just look at the picture again.  If I could do that, I'd make paper duplicates of all my clothes so I could play dress up on a paper doll.


Liberty of London unveiling was swanky as usual!  One of the hors d'oeuvres they had was yorkshire pudding (which is really just a bread something? I don't understand), a tiny slab of roast beef, and a tiny dollop of horseradish sauce.  It was so yummy I wanted to eat twenty of them!  Wait, I was talking about makeup, right?

Anyway, I got out of there with my life savings still intact, so I think I did really well.  My day job doesn't do kindly towards things described as "cutting edge," "forward thinking," or "contemporary" (I once had a manager tell me my eyes were red, and he was referring to my light red eyeshadow to match my red shirt--go figure).  That usually keeps me from spending too much money.  I keep thinking about one of the lip glosses that was named "English Accent."  My brain keeps telling me if I had that lip gloss I would TOTALLY have an English accent.  Right?  Dangerous.  Here's a picture of the bag I got.  You know you're in trouble when you have to get the bag, because then you know you have to fill said bag. 

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