Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fallout Cosplay

I don't know what the gamer scene is in the UK, but I'm a huge video game nerd.  I posted last time about a fellow blogger Gamer Grrlz.  This time I want to share something I did.  My soon-to-be-husband made a real life "shishkebab" (shishkabob, shiskabab, I don't care how it's spelled), which is a flaming sword for you non-gamers.  No, it doesn't actually flame up.  But it's still awesome.  My part?  The lovely wastelander, of course!  All pictures are PG -- there's some cleavage, but nothing to worry about (I've had worse pop up ads on otherwise "safe" sites).

Even if you're not a gamer nerd, I encourage anyone who's interested in steampunk (or diesel punk) or anything similar to look through the album.  The pictures also include our modded goggles and an "atomic ray obliviator" from my father in law (we get the whole family in on the ridiculous).

Here's a teaser.  Click here to see the full album!


  1. I want that toy soo much(it's 'Shish-kebab' btw)... Fallout has been my top game since the first one :)

    The gamer scene is pretty much the same as the US, but without that horrific high-school nerd image attached. We have Cons and the like, but not as many or as frequently as over your way. Most of them are in the biggest of the cities tho - Edinburgh, London, Birmingham. Being the country bumpkin that i am, i have only ever been to one.

  2. oh, I forgot to mention, we're selling the Shishkebab. The photos were to hopefully generate some buzz about it. We're putting it on eBay this week. Though I imagine the shipping to the UK would be horrific....and going through customs? Shudder.

    I've loved Fallout about halfway between the first one and second one. My brother and father played the first one a lot, but I was a little "too young" for it at the time. But I watched them play it, and by the time the second one came out, I was battling for my computer time. I remember we bogged down the game so bad between the three of us (the memory got sapped when there was too much information in the saved files, and we're all multiple save slots kind of people). Ah, good times. Like literally being able to make a sandwich between load times.


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