Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Okay, I do actually know a little bit about it.  I've read the Wikipedia page.  But that's about it.  This is the best my American mind can come up with.  An Englishman actually tried explaining it to me -- something about a fox (later understood to be Fawkes), an effigy, and setting things on fire. 

Leave me a comment about how you celebrate.  I love to hear each individual's story!  I'm sure it will help me understand much better than a bland article online.


  1. Guy Fawkes Night is essentially a celebration of one of the first recorded acts of terrorism and really makes as as much sense to americans as Thanks-giving does to us.
    The centre-piece of any celebration is the 'Guy' - an effigy of Guy Fawkes - getting thrown on a big bonfire in commemoration of the execution of the real Guy Fawkes.
    I have no idea what the fox pinata or the cricket bat are all about though :)

  2. My family have always celebrated by putting Fireworks in the old carved pumpkins from halloween and seeing whose pumpkin has the most spectacular explosion.

  3. From where I'm at, we have a lot of Mexican communities, so it's not unusual to see pinatas. I was just trying to piece what I knew about the holiday with some outrageous elements :)

    Blowing up pumpkins, you say? Sounds fantastic. I think I'll have to incorporate that into my holiday traditions.


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