Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to the first posting of The Queen's Forgotten Children!

Welcome to the first posting of "The Queen's Forgotten Children!" Da da da dum! Okay, it's hard to be serious when I know the only people reading this (for now!) are people I already know and have heard my rants already. It's like being given the key to the city, except there's only a 100 people in the town and everyone remembers when you ran around naked when you were three.

For those of you that haven't been subject to my drunken questions after a night on the town, with equally drunken answers scribbled on soiled napkins, I've created this blog specifically to talk about British television. I've fallen in love with them in a very short amount of time, like, well, every other girl in the world who gets a bit "soft" around a man with an accent. (Did that sound British? At times I find I don't know if I sound British, normal American, or my usual crazy language).

Homework time! See where it says "children?" That's my way of making all of you help me write this blog. :) I want everyone to send me an email about their favorite British show, and why they like it. It doesn't have to be a long article, but please something more than "Monty Python." (If your answer *is* Monty Python, please tell me your favorite sketch or movie.)

This week in news (that I've
just made up.):

David Tennant's popularity has gone down for leaving Doctor Who, but really I can't stay mad at him. Lily Allen's popularity is up, due to some backing in America, though I like her better when she's fat.

Being Human is a great series to watch if you love the paranormal and think Stephanie Meyer's should go shoot herself. It's a show about (stick with me through this) a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all live in the same "flat." I know it sounds like an episode of Friend's, but I promise it's an engaging show. You'll thank me after the first half of the first episode.

Warehouse 13
, though not British, is
another interesting paranormal series to look into. You know at the end of Indiana Jones, they say it's being taken care of by "top men," and there's that iconic scene with the warehouse full of god-knows-what? The show's kinda like that, about people having to take care of all the paranormal, wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff.


  1. Yeah well. I'm told I sound Canadian. I guess I'm still not an American at least.

    There are a lot of good Brit shows out there. One of my NZ friends recommended one that is like Cheers I guess. But instead of a bar its about an entire neighborhood. Been running for 40+ years I guess. Its called Coronation Street.

    As for slang, pass me a torch is one of my favs. ;)

  2. Stumbled upon your page, and um, just wanted to point out that it's spelled "Tennant".

    Urgh corrie. Not a fun show. Let's see, good british shows (other than Doctor Who and Torchwood). Life on Mars is amazing. And...Outnumbered is a great show, IT Crowd, Black Books, oh, Skins! Fantastic.

    And comedy shows, it's all about Mitchell and Webb, sooo funny! Though I'm not a huge fan of Peep Show. Love panel shows too; Mock the Week, Would I Lie to You, QI, Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

    That being said there are plenty of horrid shows out there. I feel bound to mention one of the worst shows I've ever seen that came out of ITV; Lost in Austen, never watch it. Really. And Corrie, like I mentioned before, but I'm not really into soaps. And then reeeally low quality stuff like Jeremy Kyle or Trisha.

    Sorry, that turned into a ramble pretty quickly, I really enjoy British telly , perhaps you can tell :)

  3. Thanks, Ali! (I've gone back in the post and fixed it) It's a made up name anyway, does it matter? :) His real name is MacDonald,I believe. Scottish. Hmmm.....

    Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! The worst part is that the only channel we get for British TV is BBC America. But thanks to the joy that is Netflix (praise be!) and the ability to stream through my xbox (hallelujah!) I have more options. I caught some of Life on Mars, I loved it, loved it! But I had a hard time following everything -- not the plot, but the language. It's not just the words they use ("you're making me on" but I figured that one out!) but the way the use them that throws me off. It's difficult to explain. I'm going to try again when the DVD comes out.

  4. Yay thanks, I know, I adore David Tennant, even outside of Doctor Who. Takin' Over the Asylum isn't out on Dvd because of music rights, but it's so much fun, and you should definitely watch it on youtube. Actually, maybe not, because it's set in Glasgow, and if you're having trouble with Life on Mars's Manchester, you'll have issues with Glaswegian I'm sure.

    Going to look into Being Human, as you recommended, because I believe it has Russell Tovey in? I love him to bits.

  5. Yes, it's starring Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner (thanks Wikipedia!). I have no idea who those people are, except from this show. I like it because it has actual plot lines and character development, compared to recent drivel. Oh, I like that word too!

  6. I know him from History Boys (good movie, btw) and a cameo on Dr. W. He just has the cutest sticking-out ears I've ever seen! Definitely I'll check it out.

    Drivel is a good one, is that British? Sometimes I can't tell.


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